Your Complete Guide To Betting On The Vegas Golden Knights

[toc]You can bet on the NHL’s newest team, Vegas Golden Knights, anywhere in Nevada. Literally anywhere.

You can wager on the Golden Knights at any Nevada sportsbook. Actually, you can wager on the Golden Knights anywhere inside of Nevada state lines.

Mobile sports wagering apps allow bettors to wager from home, hotel rooms, or even taking a hike. If a fan is really into wagering on hockey, it’s possible to place bets on the game right inside T-Mobile Arena. Most sports wagering apps offer in-playand/or in-game wageringon all Golden Knights games.

It wasn’t always a certaintythat gamblers would be able to wager on Vegas Golden Knights games in Nevada. Before the NHL season began both Golden Knights owner Bill Foleyand NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmanwere focused on everything but gambling.

As the season approached Bettman told Bloombergthat “he’ll simply ask MGM Chairman Jim Murren to remove home games from casinos adjacent to the arena, the Monte Carlo and New York, New York. “ It appears as though Bettmen never made that appealto Murren though.

Additionally, the NHL commissioner decided notto petition the Nevada Gaming Control Board(NGCB) to removethe team from sportsbook betting boards in Nevada. Since MGM Resorts International doesn’t own the team there isn’t the conflict of interest similar to what the Houston Rocketshave with Golden Nuggetand Boston Celticshave with Caesars Entertainment.

However, MGM does have one team it will not betaking bets on. The recently purchased WNBAfranchise, the Las Vegas Aces.

As expected, MGM Resorts sportsbooks will NOT be taking bets on the Las Vegas Aces WNBA team.

Official comment – “MGM Resorts Race & Sports Books will offer wagering on all WNBA games with the exception of the Las Vegas team.”

— Marc – EDGeVegas (@MeltzVegas) December 12, 2017

Kinds Of bets you can make on the Vegas Golden Knights

Future bets

Bettors have been gambling on the Vegas Golden Knights since before the season started. Futures to win the Stanley Cuphave been available since the team was named. As bets were made on the Golden Knights, the odds decreased.

Before the season it wasn’t difficultto find a sports book operator offering odds to win the Stanley Cup at 250-1or greater. There have been so much actionthat the odds have been bet down to 7-1at Station Casinosas of the writing of this article.

Nevada residents and tourists alike have been wagering on the Golden Knights in a way that they haven’t wageredon hockey before. Multiple sports book operators tell the Las Vegas Review-Journalthat they’re seeing unprecedented volumeon hockey bets thanks to the Golden Knights.

Bettos can still place futures bets on the Golden Knights to win the division, conference, and Stanley Cup winner.

Pre-game bets

Every gameplayed by the Golden Knights is available for wagering at all sportsbooks in Nevada. Traditional moneyline, puck line, and over/under totalsare available everywhere. A few sportsbook operators, Station Casinos and MGM Resorts International, also offer pre-gameproposition bets. Some of the pre-game proposition betting options from Station Casinos may include the following:

  • 1st period winner(who scored more)
  • 1st period goalsscored
  • 2nd period winner(who scored more)
  • 2nd period goalsscored
  • 3rd period winner(who scored more)
  • 3rd period goalsscored
  • Regulation three-way wager(winning team or tie after 60 minutes)
  • Margin of victoryfor each team
  • Will certain playersscore
  • Total goalsfor each team
  • Team to score first
  • Does team to score first win? (yes or no)
  • Will there be a score in first 10 minutes?

MGM Resorts may also offer different pre-game proposition betting options such as the following:

  • Will the number of goals be odd or even? (periods)
  • Puck linesby period
  • Total goalsscored by period
  • Team to score firstby period
  • Will bothteams score by period?

In-play wagering

Station Casinos recently added in-play wagering to their STN Sportswagering app. The odds and wagering options for these bets update throughout the game.

Depending on when you look at the app, you may see more than 40different options for each game. As the game progresses, some of the wagering options will pass. For example, any first period wagering opportunities will be removed when the period ends.

Mobile and in-play bettors can place in play wagers from anywhere in Nevada, including home, casino, or while watching the game at the arena.